European Soothing Touch
  A wellness center with Holistic approach, offering alternative, non-invasive ways to reach the balance and harmony of your body, mind and spirit.

   Feeling stressed, back pain, migraine? Is the knee. hip, legs bothering you? Are you the one working on a stand up position all day long? The mouse of your computer is killing you? your shoulder and neck is so stiff that feels like carrying a big rock all day long? Give us a call, we can definitely assist you.

2958 Madison St Ste 201
Carlsbad, CA 92008

Tel: 760-805-6168

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$48.- for 30 minutes of any of our services or combination of them! $88.- for 60 minutes of services or $128.- for 90 minutes.

Ask us for current specials!!
Detoxification, Lymphatic Detoxification
remove accumulated toxins which cause body aging and series of problems, skin care for facial or back -- essential cleaning, deep cleaning, blackhead and/or whitehead removal, ultrasonic with bio-extract, deluxe mask, moisturizer, sunblock treatment

AromaTouch Therapy
utilize herbal oils and massage into desired target spots to induce healthy functions

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